Simon's Bio

Simon Crowther, the editor of this website, is a married father of three children, an architect, and an active member of the local community. He volunteers with 'local meals on wheels', and lives in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Simon spent most of his childhood in the United States, where his family emigrated when he was 4 years old. He returned to the UK at the age of 19 to study architecture at the University of Portsmouth, where he met his wife.Marjorie.

He worked as an architect for almost 20 years, before leaving the profession to set up a consultancy business. He has been involved with several local charities and assisted the Chair of the Architecture School Advisory Committee at the University of Portsmouth.

As an avid traveller, Simon has visited more than 30 countries, including most of those in Eastern Europe. He is interested in history, culture, and food, and enjoys exploring new destinations.

He also works with a charity that helps build houses for people in need. Simon is a strong believer in giving back to the community and helping others whenever possible. He is a firm supporter of the National Health Service, affordable education, and a strong social welfare system that helps those in need.

He is deeply involved with his local church and other charities that work to help the homeless, sick, and poor. Simon is a firm believer in spreading love and kindness throughout the world, and he often makes posts on social media encouraging his friends and followers to do the same.

As an architect, Simon has a keen awareness of the challenges and issues that face individuals and families who are trying to find affordable housing. He believes that the housing crisis in the U.K. can be solved through creative solutions such as building smaller homes or making better use of existing housing stock.

His political interests lie in environmentalism and health care reform. He has been active in the progressive movement for over a decade, participating in local and national elections.

As an architect, Simon has provided pro bono consultation to numerous non-profit organizations and charities. He holds a Master's Degree in Architecture from the University of Bath.

In his leisure time, Simon enjoys reading, playing acoustic guitar, and hiking in the Andalusian mountains.

Contact details

If you wish to contact Simon you can do so by email: simonc {at}